Transfers from Baku to Shamakhi

Transfers Baku to Shamakhi

Transfers Baku to Shamakhi

One of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan, the first mention of which dates back to the II century and is the ancient capital of Azerbaijan. City is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Original name of this beautiful city is Kemakhia. The city of Shemakha has a very excellent geographical location. Leaving Baku, in just an hour and a half you find yourself in Shemakha. The city is located 122 kilometers from Baku. It is worth noting that recently the highway, which originates from Baku, has been completely modernized and driving along it brings only positive emotions.The city of Shemakha attracts absolutely at any time of the year. In the summer you can enjoy the pleasant coolness thanks to the northwest location, and in the winter you can feel the frost and play snowballs. (Transfers Baku to Shamakhi)

Transfer from Baku to Shamakhi

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In addition to the climatic conditions, in the city of Shemakha there are a lot of attractions that will be interesting to visit for all family members. Here you can see the Gulistan fortress, the construction of which dates back to the 12th century, the Yeddi Gumbez mausoleum, the Diri Baba mosque, the Juma Mosque, which is the oldest and largest mosque in the Caucasus, and much more. Having driven 22 kilometers from Shemakha, you will find yourself in the astrophysical observatory located in Pirkuli.

The observatory is named after the great Azerbaijani physicist, mathematician and astronomer Nasreddin Tusi. The landscapes here will turn the head of any tourist. In summer, the entire territory is buried in green and dense forests, and in winter it is covered with a snow-white carpet. The observatory is located at an altitude of 1435 meters above sea level. The territory of the observatory was completely reconstructed in 2009-2013. Excursion tours are organized here, where you can visit the exhibition hall, museum, buildings erected specifically for powerful telescopes through which you can see the heavenly bodies.

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Near Shamakhi:

As for accommodation, in the city of Shemakha and its environs there are highly comfortable hotels with beautiful views from the window.

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