Transfer Baku to Khinalig

Transfer Baku to Khinalig

Transfer Baku to Khinalig

The opportunity to take unique pictures in the bosom of nature. The highest mountain village in all of Azerbaijan. In the middle of the mountains of the Greater Caucasus. Private car with air conditioning(Transfer Baku to Khinalig Village).

Our service as an excellent alternative to a taxi, when you do not know the prices or you feel unsure about taking a them after complicated price negotiations

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Transfer Baku to Khinaliq

Information about Baku to Khinalig Village

you’ll stop at Qachrash Forest, Qachrash forest is one of the beautiful forests of Guba.The forest of Qachrash is one of the most picturesque and lively corners of Guba. The peculiarity of this area is given by the mysterious forest through which the road to Qachrash passes. In the magical forest, as in childhood, “the trees are so big” that the crown is not visible. Even in the most unbearable summer heat, it is always cool here – mountain streams of the bubbling

Taxi Baku to Khinaligh

Khinalig Village

In the middle of the Greater Caucasus mountains, Khinalug was included on the World Monuments Fund’s 2008
The people of the village speak their own unique language called Ketsch and cook, make crafts and work the land in the same ways as their ancestors did.

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