Transfer Batumi to Baku

Transfer Batumi to Baku

Transfer Batumi to Baku

From Batumi to Baku, you can use the services: by plane, train, bus or taxi. You can also rent a car with a driver. Transfer Batumi to Baku.
The duration of the air trip is 3.0 hours. The train from Batumi to Baku will take you in 28 hours 15 minutes. By bus, you have to change two buses. The taxi will cover the journey in – hours, and the cost of the trip will be $. The distance between Batumi and Baku is 1000 km.

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Batumi Baku Transfer

Information about Traveling Baku to Batumi

Public transport tickets can be bought only for the local currency – manats. It makes sense to buy tickets in advance: it’s cheaper and you will definitely leave on the right day. When choosing to travel by plane, keep in mind that Baku airport is located 10 km from the center city. This distance can be easily covered by bus or taxi. The plane leaves Batumi one times a day, there are no night flights. Trains from Batumi to Baku, as a rule, are old and do not have comfortable conditions. At night, only trains and shuttles run.

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Transfer Batumi to Baku

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